I’m a thirty-something working father of two boys, a two year old and a seven month old.

I’m a strong believer in equal and shared parenting, i.e. that parenting and childcare shouldn’t automatically be the responsibility of mums, but that dads should be encouraged and supported to be equally as involved in raising their children. I believe the benefits of a balanced approach are massive for mums, dads, children and even employers.

In 2013 I took four months of additional paternity leave following the birth of my first son.  In 2014 I became part-time, working four days per week.  Now, from November 2015, I’m taking six months of shared parental leave following the birth of my second son.

In this blog I will share my experiences of those 180 days of shared parental leave spent with my kids, as well as discussing some of the broader issues around the role of men and the perception of men and childcare.

Views expressed here are my own and not necessarily those of my employer.